St Ives Interprint Competition

As you are aware we annually enter this competition. It is a print competition in which we select 8 prints from our members competition entries.

This year we were placed in joint 17th position with 2 other clubs all scoring 61.5 marks. The club placed first scored 76.

Author Title Score
Kevin Scott Red Deer Hart with Hinds 8
Fiona Fraser-Thompson (LRPS) Avon Reeds 7
Kevin Scott Fulmar 6
Karen Rainbird The Colour Purple 7
Amanda Barker “Smoke” 7
Fiona Fraser-Thompson (LRPS) Black Amongst the White 9.5
Mark Seton Soft Seas 9
David Woods Pulpit Ely 8


The full range of images entered into the 2014 St Ives Interprint can be viewed here

Thanks to our members who permitted their prints to used and to those who supported the Club on the day.

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