Print Round 2 Results

The second round of the print competition took place on Tuesday judged by Malcolm Tinn, there was a great selection of excellent images entered.

In two close rounds Mark Seton took first place in the Monochrome round with David Woods taking first place in the Colour section. Competition is just as fierce in the overall standings with just 6 points separating the top 6 in the Colour competition and just 5 points separating the top 7 in the Monochrome:


Mono Colour
1st Mark Seton 37 1st David Woods 38
2nd Sophia Spurgin 36 2nd= Mark Seton 37
3rd David Woods 35 Sophia Spurgin
4th = David Kearley 34 3rd Andy Thorpe 36
Helen Hooker 4th= Paul Manley 35
David Cutts David Cutts
5th= Andy Thorpe 33 5th= Helen Hooker 34
Andrew Macphereson Diane Le Count
Sandy Osborn
Top 5 Totals After 2 Rounds
Mono Colour
1st Helen Hooker 72 1st Mark Seton 75
2nd= Mark Seton 71 2nd David Woods 73
Sophia Spurgin 3rd Sophia Spurgin 70
David Woods 4th= Helen Hooker 69
3rd David Cutts 69 Andy Thorpe
4th David Kearley 68 Diane Le Count
5th Andy Thorpe 67 5th = Paul Manley 67
David Cutts

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