Photowalk 2014

We are holding our event in this year’s Scott Kelby Photowalk in Colchester. to take part you need to


which will let you enter the competitions as well.

Colchester is a gem of a place which is largely ignored, one of the trading cities of the Hanseatic league, it has been here since Roman times.  We’re just going to take the briefest outsider’s view but will hopefully trigger enough interest for people to want to come back

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Ongoing Summer Programme

Kniphofia Vincent Lepage (print)Hi all,

This Tuesday we are meeting at Hopleys garden centre in Much Hadham at 7:30pm. Don’t worry if you are running late as it will be easy to find us.

We get the full run of the gardens and nursery so there are lots of great photo opportunities and I highly recommend bringing your macro lenses if you have them.

They opened the coffee shop for us last year as well, but I don’t want to make assumptions that they will do the same this year.

On a separate note, if anyone has an iPad 2 and uses CF memory cards in their camera, Andrew has an adapter which can read your pictures onto your tablet for sale – it also does SD and miniSD cards, and USB.

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Summer Season in Swing

Hi all

This Tuesday we are taking long exposure pictures with sparks and fire in Takeley, under the bridge in Gt Canfield Road (map attached) meeting at 7:30. This has always been a favourite of the summer programme so don’t miss out. There is limited parking there so please car share where possible. You will definitely need a tripod and as some of us found out last week, bug repellant may be a good idea.

We have been a bit lapse with the photo of the month this month. The winner this month however is Matthew Bickham’s ‘Pond life‘ from last week.

Well done Matthew, this will be in Photosound’s windows until the end of June.

Lastly, I’ve had a sort out and have a selection of about 40 recent photography magazines going free if anyone wants them. Let me know.

See you on Tuesday


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Program for 2014-5

The program for next year is coming together now and it would be really helpful if you could let me know what you want to see in there.

I am trying to cover all interests but unless you let me know what you would like to see included I won’t know and it will be missed. So it is up to you. Give me your wish lists, especially items we should cover in the workshops, and I will add as much as possible.

You know what you need to do to get the program you would like, if you don’t tell me, I won’t know to put it in….

Time for a Challenge


New Year Dawn 2013, Ash Valley


With the end of the year rapidly approaching, and the nights still seeming to get darker, it’s time for a quick festive challenge or two.

  • Photograph Street revellers, especially those all dressed up, either in finery or fun
  • Then there’s Scot Baston’s New Year Dawn challenge on Flickr. Dawn is 8:07am here this year

Looking forward to seeing what you can do on the club Flickr group

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Extending the Summer Programme

We’ve just been offered a great opportunity to do some garden photography with a difference. As ever the problem with garden photography, when it’s not your own garden, is getting access at the right time of day, when the sun is low, the light soft…

We’re being offered access to Hopley’s Garden Centre one evening at the end of June, while the Guruve Zimbabwe Sculpture Exhibition is on to see what we can make of it. This is the same week as the Club annual Solstice dinner at The Red Lion in Finchingfield, so will be on Thursday night instead of the usual Tuesday.

Hope to see you there

Oh-ho! Those summer sparks!

Sparks and LEDs

Another learning evening. Brian let loose his inner pyromaniac in a very careful and controlled manner that was absolutely fantastic. The meet was under a disused railway bridge from the age of steam, so an intrinsically spark-safe location.  Following on from last week’s light painting this was light painting 102, with spark trails.

The method involves wire wool, in a metal kitchen whisk, to keep it under control, on the end of a chain, so that it can be spun.

The steel wool is lit, and once going, spun.  Bits of the burning steel wool fly away tangentially, giving the spark trails, and a very bright centre ring, where the main mass of burning steel wool makes multiple passes.  the burns last for between 10 and 30 seconds, and I found about 5 seconds gave enough of a pattern to be interesting.

The spinner needs a hood or hat, and good shoes at the very least for protection in case a burning bit falls back on them.

Thank you Brian, we all learned a lot from you again!

Steel wool sparks

Next week a mutual help evening, getting to know your camera. Share how-to info with others who have the same style of camera.

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Millenium Reptiles Photo Opportunity


Well that was quite an evening!  In the event Jo brought her show animals round, rather than stock from the shop.  Jo’s beasties have been introduced to public events like this, so were not going to be freaked by a barrage of strobe lights and a mass of people.

This was not their first photographic outing either — Jo told us that the tarantula had provided vital modesty in a competition winning shot when she took them to visit another photo group, for a “girl’s only” session.

We certainly learned a lot about exotic creatures, their fragility, speed  and habits.  We also learned that curare (the Amazonian Nerve toxin) is not actually generated by the frog but rather   » Continue reading Millenium Reptiles Photo Opportunity

Pre-Photowalk wander & route update #WWPW

On Sunday I went for a walk to check out the route for the Photowalk.  As a result   » Continue reading Pre-Photowalk wander & route update #WWPW

Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photowalk

You are invited to join us for

On Saturday October 1st we will be participating in the FREE World Wide Photowalk, This is not a club event but rather one we are supporting and taking part in. This means you have to go online and sign up to take part. All photographers especially non BSCC-members are encouraged to come along.

Once again there are valuable global prizes to be had, and whoever puts the best photo in from our walk will also get a prize. The rules are simple: any image has to be captured on the walk itself, it may be post-processed as you choose, composited etc, but every image used has to be from the walk, during the time of the walk. So if you want to bring a model and make-up artist, that’s fine…

At the other extreme, phone cameras are equally welcome, as is anything that will make an image.

The event is a great chance to meet other local photographers, and find out what interests them. I hope some club members will join in and help.

The route will be down the River Stort Navigation to Twyford Lock, and back for (free) nibbles and chimping at the Rivermill (NB please buy your own drinks), in all about 3 km, with 2 hours set aside for the walk.  Look forward to seeing you!