Second week back – Workshop

Good evening everyone,

This week is our first workshop of the new season.

There are a few things happening so there should be something for everyone.

Firstly, Bill will be running a still life setup with studio lights. Karen has kindly agreed to do a flower display for you to photograph.

Secondly, for those who want to enter the print competition this year, Andrew is going to give a workshop on mount cutting. The club is also getting a bulk lot of mounts if anyone is interested.

Third and fourth. Mark and I will doing a introduction into Masking and Layers, these will be small groups, but don’t worry we will run the same workshops next time until everyone who wants to take part has done.

And finally, there will be help available for anyone who needs help with their camera and its settings. This will be on an ‘ask for help’ basis as there are not many people interested so far, but we are available for those that do.

Just a quick reminder — to be considered for the club’s Picture Of The Month for printing and display in Photosound’s window you should add your photo to the “Bishops Stortford Camera Club” group on Flickr or Facebook during the previous month. Twitter, Google+ or your own blog don’t count. You should claim the print as your own after the next one goes up.

Thanks, see you Tuesday.

And with your Christmas Cash

If you decide to buy a 3LT evo tripod (use the link advert on the right so the club benefits) they’re giving away two useful additional bits of kit to go with it.

Spikes and a stone bag. The spikes screw in to replace the rubber feet for use outdoors, and the stone bag hangs between the legs and is used for stones or other weights to anchor everything when it’s a bit windy.

Early Update

Hi everyone,

This week I’m sending out the info about Tuesday a bit early as I’m in Norfolk this weekend and well, as for phone signal they are in the dark ages!  This Tuesday we are meeting by the cricket club on the cricket fields, Cricketfield Lane, Bishop’s Stortford, CM23 2SR at 7:30pm.  You should be able to park along the road or in the cricket club car park as long as there is not an event on.

The plan for the evening is outside portraiture and indivisible background techniques, so if you have got an off camera flash please bring it with you and if not, maybe a reflector (even card and tinfoil will work).

Here is a link to Glyn Dewis’ technique

Natural light portraiture tutorial by Karl Taylor

See you on Tuesday.


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Don’t lose your precious photos

After a member had a rather unfortunate experience with the external hard drive which held their photos, it’s probably worth reminding everyone to make sure to back up all photos in at least 2 places.

I have a working copy on my laptop, and backups on 2 servers, but that is part of my normal way of working with all things IT. For those of you who don’t really do computers, I’ve put an advert/link on the right of the page to download the Backblaze app (Windows or Mac) to keep copies for you “in the cloud”. Once it”s installed you need to create an account …

There is a trial period, then the charge is $5 / month (about £3) which backs up both your computer and any external hard drives on USB or FireWire etc, (but not Network Attached drives) no limits on storage, and there is a way of getting your files back from how they were yesterday…. It takes quite a few weeks for the initial backup of all your data to complete, and if you have an Internet deal with very limited transfer each month this is not for you.

If enough sign up we’ll get a little money back for the club



Update disk received back from repair. 100% of data recovered. The manufactures disk controller area /software had failed.

Very Expensive !! But Member is delighted.

Actions taken by member back up to Backblaze photo drive attached full time to PC and backup raw files and tiffs/psds to second external drive as images are processed…….



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You have until December 2nd to get full Photoshop and Lightroom for £9/month

Adobe have just announced a very limited time deal, allowing anyone access to the special rates that were reserved for their existing Photoshop customers. This offer expires at the beginning of Decembe

  • Full Photoshop CC program to download and run on your computer, including the 3D and scientific extensions (count and measure things in your image)
  • Lightroom 5, which has nearly everything a photographer needs
  • 20Gb of cloud storage to share between your devices
  • Adobe Behance, yet another portfolio site, this one aimed at showing off your creative skills/retouching etc
  • All these kept up to date by your subscription (and you only have to be on line for a short time each month to check your licence)

If you think you’re going to use Photoshop this is an incredibly good deal. Even I f you are only ever going to use a little photoshop it is probably a better deal than to stick with and update Lightroom and Photoshop Elements each time a new release comes out

Here is the link, do it before December 2nd

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Hello from the Chairman 2013-10-21

Cakes by Wendy Woodgate

Cakes by Wendy Woodgate

Good afternoon everyone,

A day late with my update I’m afraid, but seeing as there’s not much to report this week I hope you don’t mind.

I’ve been told off (again) that I do come up with some great ideas (sometimes) but that I don’t let you all have enough notice of them. So here is a date for your diary, well in advance. I am organising a BSCC day out on Sunday 8th December. We will meet at Stortford station and all head into London together. I will organise a route nearer the time. These days are such a great way to get to know each other, take pictures and pick up photography tips and skills along the way. Please do come.

This week at club we have a talk by Richard Revells, entitled “Mammals and Birds”, if you have any friends/relatives who would like to come and listen, they are more that welcome. We charge a £2 visitors fee.

Finally something to look forward to tomorrow, a message from Andrew; “I won a huge chocolate cake in a Raffle last night, so it will be available at 70p / slice for the projector screen fund, at club”, so don’t have pud before you come 😉

Thats it from me folks, see you all tomorrow.

Emma xx

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Sunday update 2013-09-22

Morning Everyone and happy Sunday,

I have a lot to cover in today’s update so apologies if I’m going over information you already know…

The main thing to discuss is the digitally projected image competition, round 1. This will be taking place at club a week on tuesday and entries need to be submitted this week.

You can enter two images into this round. Images are to be emailed to the digital secretary.

The most important thing is to resize and then name your image. Details for this are on the web site. They should be resized to1400x1050. Images received with no title will be entered with the “No Title Given by Member Image 1” etc

The deadline is next Tuesday as per program. But David will accept via email up to Thursday midnight for this round only.

Finally you don’t need to submit your images into a category, they can be of absolutely anything, taken anytime. We do have a beginners section, your work will still be judged but it is done in a constructive way. Just because you are a new member you don’t have to be entered to the beginners so please state in your email whether you would like to be entered in to the beginners or the open category.

Next up, I have been sent a link to forward on to 3 videos that can be viewed by everyone and for a beginner they give a good inside into the process of using `HDR to enhance your pictures. Note to users they do take a short time to load but its worth waiting, also depends on how fast your broadband is.

Finally, Tuesday night. It’s our first workshop night and Bill has lots of practical photography planned, aimed at helping us ‘get to grips with our cameras’, so bring cameras, tripods, flashes and manuals!!

Please do not hesitate to message me if you have any more questions.

Emma x

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A little quiz

There is a short just for fun quiz about using flashes on my  website here have fun!

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In Focus

Summer Programme 29th May 2012

This weeks practical was all about depth of field, shutter speed and resolving any queries members had on camera settings or flash settings.

We met again at The Three Horse Shoes and took over one quite corner of the bar area.

The practical exercises were provided by Andrew and included  a depth of field and shutter speed  exercise. Flash photography issues were also resolved for some members. A “Canon” member resolving a “Nikon” members flash queries. Cross fertilisation ! Watch out for new brand of camera “Can-Nik” !

The image below shows the equipment used to demonstrate the depth of field and the effect aperture has on this. This equipment being home made by Andrew.


We all had an interesting evening, both technically and socially.

Next week we meet at Hatfield Heath and go walk about on a photo walk why not join us. See the programme page for further details.

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Retrieving Lost or Stolen Electronic Equipment

Westcott who make lighting equipment just passed on a great tip from Michael Zhang writing on PetaPixel to create some dummy files on your memory card to spell out a message with the file names, and also to create a jpg file that you can load onto the card after it is formatted with your contact details, so that someone just scrolling through the pictures can easily see who owns the equipment. Follow the link above for the original article.

Here’s how it might look:

File listing with a message

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