Peter Chasney Trophy Results

This is a quick and easy competition judged by the members. It is for 5 small photos on a theme of the author’s choice, mounted on a standard 40x50cm competition mount board. The original intention was for 5 standard enprints to be shown.

Members judge the photographs with 3 marks to be given to each under “Unity of Theme” “Presentation” and “Technical” each member also has 1 mark to allocate to their favourite.

The entries are unnamed — each is displayed with simply an identifying letter, and it is sometimes surprising when the entrant is revealed.

Peter Chasney Theme Trophy
Position Author Score
1st Sophia Spurgen 223
2nd Fiona Fraser-Thomson 212
3rd Leslie Cutts 211
=4th David Woods 195
=4th David Cutts 195

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