Print Competition Round 1

The first round of the print competition took place last week judged by international judge Dr John Law.

In the monochrome section Helen Hooker made an impressive start with 38/40 with Mark Seton scoring the same in the Colour section. Top 4 tables follow:

1st Helen Hooker 38pts
2nd David Woods 36pts
3rd= Sophia Spurgin 35pts
David Cutts
4th= Mark Seton 34pts
David Kearley
Andy Thorpe
1st Mark Seton 38pts
2nd= Diane Le Count 35pts
Helen Hooker
David Woods
3rd= Sophia Spurgin 33pts
Andy Thorpe
4th= David Cutts 32pts
Paul Manley

Early and unofficial standings for the George Dann Memorial Trophy after 1 round are:

1st Mark Seton 111
2nd= Helen Hooker 108
Sophia Spurgin
3rd= David Woods 103
Andy Thorpe
4th David Cutts 101


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