We are currently holding weekly club meetings online every Tuesday from 19:55.

Details of what we will be doing are shown below. Please sign up for our newsletter to keep upto date on what is happening.

Unfortunately, due to the Corona virus we had to close the 2019/20 season early.

An interactive pdf of the 2019/2020 programme can be downloaded from here

Events start at 7:45 for 8pm except where otherwise indicated. Here’s a Map showing where the club meets.

Summer Programme events tend to start at 7.30pm except the Bluebell walk – 6.30pm and the Weekend events – varies

The calendar is at the mercy of events and weather, so please check back here on an ongoing basis.

26th May, 2020
  • It's a Knock Out

    26th May, 2020  19:55 - 21:55

    This is an online meeting. 

    Please enter any 2 images in any style at all, your best, your favourite, your worst, your funniest, whatever - it just has to be (entirely) your own photograph and can not have been entered in last years It's a Knock Out competition.

    Your picture will be randomly paired against another competitors image, we will all vote on our favourite and whoever wins the votes progresses to the next round where another random pairing will be made, we will vote...etc etc.

    Standard file specs apply which can be found here - - there is no Open or beginner section for this competition so you don't need to include that in the title.

    Please email your entry to me at by midnight on 23rd May 2020. 
    The event will start at 7.55pm for an 8.00pm start.

    See entry in Google Calendars

2nd June, 2020
  • Members Night

    2nd June, 2020  19:55 - 21:55

    Members Night - Polarised Forks (Stephanie Stephenson), Famous Photographer (by Mark Seton), London Fashion Week (Hellie Melhuish) 
    The event will start at 7.55pm for an 8.00pm start. 

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9th June, 2020
  • Chris Shepherd - London Photography Talk

    9th June, 2020  19:55 - 21:55


    Can you become an expert photographer in your lunch hour? 

     Many years ago I set about the task of improving my photography by practising every lunch hour. Working in Central London offers me many opportunities to capture interesting images of the places and people of London.

    The events start at 7.55pm for a 8.00pm start. Simply click the following link and follow the instructions - 

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